sandra godinez


Welcome to the active variable, A show where we talk to young professionals in the healthcare field or students who are on their way into this industry. Our mission is to bring more attention to these careers whose job it is to take care of others, to be selfishly unselfish and to make this one at-bat of life the best that it can be.

1st message

Today, we are going to be having a conversation with Sandra Godinez, she is currently a certified athletic trainer and loves to rock climb.

Before we get started with the show I want to take a moment to remind everyone that staying active is essential to living healthy. There are different components to maintaining a good healthy lifestyle such as sleep, mental health, activity and diet. The key to building all of them is consistency. While the more you do the better results you get, you can’t get to achieve your goals without a strong foundation. If you keep falling into the trap of working out for a week and then off for a month, here is an idea that may help you out. Instead of thinking that you need to have an intense 1-hour workout 3 times a week, you can make it easier for your self and try a 30 minute light workout for 6 days a week. The numbers are just a suggestion but the point is that you are still being active, you can be more mentally prepared for the commitment of a shorter workout and you will building consistency. Give this a try and let me know how you feel. If you need help with ideas on what workouts to do at home reach out to me and I can help you out with some of that.

Now let’s get started with the show…



Alright active nation, you are what you put in to your body and mind, you’ve been listening to Sandra with some tips and tricks to continue to build your positive habits and live your wildest dreams. We hope you enjoyed this conversation and we’ll catch you on the next one. Stay Active