5 Exercise Instagram profiles you didn’t know you needed to follow

5 Exercise Instagram Profiles You Didn't Know You Needed To Follow

Photo by Kike Vega on Unsplash

By BrownLab Media Staff  / Health / April 14, 2020

We all know that good health is priceless and exercise is medicine. It seems like every destination associated with activity such as gyms, parks, and beaches are going to be restricted until this pandemic is under control; which we still don’t know when that is going to be. Therefore, our living rooms, furniture, and pets in our homes have become our temporary mecca of sweat, blood, and tears. We put together this list of instagrammers that will bring you a ton of value in education and information on how to stay active during these times of social distancing. 

1. Elevate Performance

Elevate Performance focuses on manual therapy for recovery, movement screening to correct any compensations, and mobility training. To go along with all of that, they also provide educational infographics to help you understand the anatomy of mechanical issues in the body and other related concepts to help you improve your performance. Now also taking on online consultations.,

2. Linette Menaskan

Linette is a talented human being with skills in yoga, cooking, writing, and many more. She is able to combine all her knowledge to create positivity in her easy to follow workouts. Also, check out her website to get more context on all of her work. 

3. The Prehab Guys

The Prehab Guys have established themselves as a go to online physical therapy platform that brings education and awareness to live a pain free life. They got a huge library of exercises to help you find answers to your health questions. Their posts offer detailed content that is sure to fire up your neurons, now you just have to take action. Look out for the post on improving your postural pain.

4. VenusFit

If you’re not familiar with flows then you are missing out! Venus is the queen at creating fun and challenging combinations of body weight exercises that you can do anywhere. She touches on topics such as breathing and mindset to help you build the connection with your body. The shoulder hydraulics is one of our favorite videos from her.

5. Simply Stretch LA

If you are starting to feel tight all over your body because you’ve been sitting watching movies, in front of the computer or gaming, you need to start working on mobility. Don’t let this pandemic turn to idle time, start building good habits and come out of this quarantine with new skills to increase your longevity. Simply Stretch LA is the perfect place to start moving better.