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A conversation with Preline Bonifacio



Welcome to the active variable, A show where we talk to young professionals in the healthcare field or students who are on their way into this industry. Our mission is to bring more attention to these careers whose job it is to take care of others, to be selfishly unselfish and to make this one at bat of life the best that it can be.

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Today, we are going to be having a conversation with Preline Bonifacio, she is a certified athletic trainer in the state of California. She graduated from Cal State Northridge in 2017.

Before we get started with the show I want to take a moment to highlight something important that is going on in the athletic training world of California right now. The state still remains the only one in the United States that does not have any regulations set in place for athletic trainers. There is a bill in motion called AB1665, authored by assemblymember Rob Bonta of Oakland that aims to change this. The bill will

  1. Ensure that individuals calling themselves athletic trainers in California high schools have the appropriate education and certification to do so.
  2. Require athletic trainers to collaborate with physicians and update their knowledge and skills on a regular basis.
  3. Protect qualified athletic trainers from legal and financial consequences when traveling with their teams to states that require licensure.
  4. Decrease liability for athletic trainers and their employers (many of which are taxpayer supported institutions) by providing a state sanctioned scope of practice.
For more information on how you can help get this bill passed you can visit the california athletic trainers association website at

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Alright active nation, you are what you put in to your body and mind, you’ve been listening to Preline with some tips and tricks to continue to build your positive habits and live your wildest dreams. We hope you enjoyed this conversation and we’ll catch you on the next one. Stay Active


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