Photography: Blacklenz Location: DTL art district

A ceiling has a purpose, it protects against the unexpected, insulates its occupants, and forgoes reconstruction when worn. What happens when that ceiling is taken away? We Reach. Limitless expectations, amendments beyond press, expression, or speech, we find our most desirable being and we reach. Soil bears the fruit of our labor, the construct to our personality, behavior and visibility. I say uproot and reach. Find meaning in your life, beyond what the eyes can see. To float amongst the stars and settle on the moon one must be the hidden figure that can calculate their life trajectory. Clouds are just barriers, the sky is formality, only space is unknown, leaving room to reproach ourselves and reteach. One must go out and reach. Existence is not defined by the medium which we live but where we are not. Find it in yourself to settle in the unknown and to be partial to normality. Because if sky is the limit and you have landed on the moon, you have beat all expectation, you have overreached. So Reach. 

A series called “A Word”

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