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5 Laker Moments That Had The City Screaming

5 Laker Moments That Had The City Screaming

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

By BrownLab Media Staff  / Culture / April 6, 2020

Here is a list of 5 songs you should take a listen to while stuck at home for the next few weeks, hopefully not months. Music has the power to inspire us to take on ideas that we have locked up in the back of our heads and said we’ll come back to it later. Now is the time, get your creative juices flowing and make something happen. At the very least, each song will bring a message that will resonate with you during this time of isolation.

1. Robert Horry // Game Winning 3 Point VS Kings

With a lot of time in our hands – safer at home – we can pause and look at ourselves in the mirror more than usual. Pay attention to the details in the way that we present ourselves in a fast moving world. More importantly, we can dive deeper into the relationships that we need to strengthen, fix the ones we had no time for and understand the ones we burned. 

2. Derek Fisher // 0.4 Buzzer Beater VS The Spurs

Ironically this song is titled “Going Nowhere”– exactly what some of us are doing! This song has so much groove and spunk that will make you want to get up and do some chores. It seems like the perfect time to actually do some spring cleaning that you desperately needed to do. Just like Marie Kondo suggests, “If it brings you joy, keep it.”. So get up and be proactive!  

3. Kobe to Shaq // Alley Oop VS Portland

Está canción les trae un poco de alegría y sabor para que bailen mientras limpien la casa. Pero no se distraigan mucho del mensaje, “la envidia e hipocresía es el mal de mucha gente” porque aunque no nos podamos ver en persona, hay maneras con la tecnología para mantener contacto con nuestros vecinos, compañeros y familia.

4. Kobe Bryant // 81 points VS Raptors

This song focuses on the story of a first generation Salvadorian American from Los Angeles California. The whole production of the song including the lyrics and the music video touch on the inspiration that this city has to offer. A memory of the good ol’ days when we were able to meet with friends and go out and explore the streets. If you’re starting to feel bored at home, here is a song that combines 2 old school beats that will take you back to memory lane. 

5. 16th Championship // NBA Finals Game 7 VS Celtics

LADIES!!! Whatever you do, don’t cut your bangs during this quarantine!! (Let’s wait for your hairstylist to handle that) Instead, try listening to this amazing song, which I’m sure will make you feel so much better about yourself. This song was created by two amazing ladies who’s art is manifested through music. They write about how we have to prioritize ourselves and do whats best for us. It’s time to let go of all those toxic relationships! If they aren’t making you feel high then “ I think it’s time to detoxify”.