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Today, we are going to be having a conversation with Zerin Scales, he is a Physician Assistant and photographer.

I’ve known Zerin since 2015, going back to our days working for Medreach ambulance. We had a couple of shifts together throughout the year that I worked there and this helped us build a friendship while we saved lives and planned our future. He’s worked as a teacher, EMT for knotts berry farm and is now entering the profession of a physician assistant. Aside from being a healthcare worker he also has some creative aspirations that have led him to photography, film and writing. This conversation was recorded a couple of weeks back but it is a really deep one and I’m excited to share his story with all of you.

Let’s get started with the show…


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Alright active nation, you are what you put in to your body and mind, you’ve been listening to Zerin with some tips and tricks to continue to build your positive habits and live your wildest dreams. We hope you enjoyed this conversation and we’ll catch you on the next one. The active variable podcast was created and hosted by me, Edwin Monroy and the music and art was created by Tohil from Iximuleu productions. Stay Active