Katherine Rivas is a behavior analyst and enjoys traveling

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What is up everyone, this is Edwin with another episode of the the active variable podcast. I am excited to share this conversation I had with my friend Katherine Rivas who I’ve know for a very long time and who has an important job in the healthcare field as a behavior analyst. On her free time she enjoys traveling as a way to meet other people and dive deep into learning about other cultures. On another note, we got a new daily laker podcast where Sal Roses talk about the recent Laker games as well as our thoughts after almost a year of Kobe’s death, Daryll and Isaid have also released episode 4 of the 86’d crew podcast about their experiences interviewing people that want to work in their restaurant, from shittiest to best interviews. Head to brownlabmedia.com for some links and more information.

Let’s get started with the show…

We have a new article on the brownlab media website titled “Reach” written by Zerin Scales. My high school graduation motto was “Aim for the stars because if you miss, you’ll land on the moon” and Zerin has doubled down on this belief by pushing us to reach for our dreams. Taking risks and trying to build skills around our interests and passion can seem like a waste of time. What we fail to realize though is that maybe through that process we create a better life for ourselves. Not just by spending time doing what we love to do but eventually turning that into a source of revenue. And that’s what I am trying to build here with brownlabe media, so head over to our website to read the full article called reach by Zerin Scales.

Alright active nation, you are what you put in to your body and mind, you’ve been listening to Kat share her story and we hope you enjoyed this conversation, we’ll catch you on the next one. The active variable podcast was created and hosted by me, Edwin Monroy and the music and art was created by Tohil from Iximuleu productions. Stay Active