Last 2020 video game talk with Diosmio123

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Hi everyone, this is Edwin with the first episode I’m publishing in 2021, so Happy New Year and I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing well. This conversation was recorded a few weeks ago after the video game of the year awards. Brian and I talk about the advanced technology of the new gen consoles, the continuing issues of getting a ps5, buying into an ecosystem of a console, issues with cyberpunk and the future of gaming through streaming such as stadia.
Let’s get started with the show…
Alright active nation, you are what you put in to your body and mind, you’ve been listening to Brian and I discuss topics around the video game world and we hope you enjoyed this conversation, we’ll catch you on the next one. The active variable podcast was created and hosted by me, Edwin Monroy and the music and art was created by Tohil from Iximuleu productions. Stay Active