I just want to be great. Recognized for my simplicity and appreciated for my achievements. I want others to underestimate my ambitions and be dumbfounded by my results; influenced by my charisma and inspired by my story. My greatest achievements won’t be measured monetarily or tangibly. No, I’m reaching higher for satisfaction. I want smiles, laughter, a hug, or even that natural glow of thanks which someone gives when they have truly been acknowledged. To stimulate an inner change and break down walls of faults is my desire. Affecting one is to affect many. I want my greatness to be your biggest day of solace and the beginning to your own success. I want to be great but want YOU to be even greater.

A series called “A Word”:
In the Baptist church when a pastor goes off in ministry, you might hear the congregation say, “He/She preached a Word tuh-day!” Or maybe among deep conversation with your homegirl or boy and they say something thought provoking. That too, was most likely, “a Word”. Well, my Words are actual words, but their meaning dives deeper than the individual letters. Coupled with my photography, Words are powerful, and I want you to be enlightened and inspired by them.